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25 Spring Business Casual Outfit Should Be in Your Wardrobe

Spring business casual outfit comes in a wide range of ideas. Having them in your closet essentials are enough to conquer your professional days nonchalantly.  

Each office, of course, has its dress code. But with a spring business casual outfit, you can deal with your every single working day in nonchalant ways, yet still maintaining your professionalism. One says that you need at least one tailor-made piece in your wardrobe work-wear mix.

The standard casual business outfit will be well-fit, but not too-tight, captivating blouse as a top, flattering pants, and finished with fashionable dark shoes. But you may experiment with some a-must casual-business workwear to your wardrobe.

Pant Suit and Jumpsuits

Such a flattering casual outfit to your professional day. They will look good with flat shoes or sneakers. A printed or solid t-shirt will be perfect for a pantsuit, whereas for sleeveless jumpsuits, go for a spring-themed lightweight blazer. 

Black jumpsuit with gray blazer

image source

Purple jumpsuit with white blazer

image source

Brown jumpsuit with black flatshoes
Black jumpsuit with white sneakers shoes
Dark blue jumpsuit with flatshoes

image source

Top Ideas

Front buttoned shirts, polo shirts, turtleneck or sweater, are some choices for a business like that won’t be too casual at the same time. Other alternatives can be matched with the following bottoms and jeans.

White shirt with gray outer, black jeans and purple flat shoes

image source

Yellow shirt with white blazer with blue jeans
White T-shirt with blue skinny jeans and high heels
Brown Tshirt with white outer, black jeans and brown shoes

image source

White T-shirt with outer, black jeans and white flat shoes

image source

Bottom Ideas

Midi skirts, wide-leg trousers or culotte are other great options for your spring business casual outfit. They will perfectly match with chambray fabric shirts, common cottony fit or oversized shirts or t-shirts in colorful or artsy prints.

Striped shirt with blue midi skirt and pink high heels

image source

White t-shirt with large white pants and blue high heels

image source

White shirt with green midi skirt and green high heels

image source

Black t-shirt with long green midi skirt and gold high heels

image source

White t-shirt with orange pattern midi skirt and shoes

image source


Skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans are some of the best options. Mix and match those basic casual pieces of denim with a more formal outsized shirt, long waistcoat, blazer, or jacket in crop style. You can wear it with tees as long as you cover it with a more formal outer.

Green blazer with T-shirt, black ripped skinny jeans and high heels
Black blazer with ripped black skinny jeans and black high heels
Black blazer with black t-shirt, black skinny jeans and brown shoes
Long green blazer with white t-shirt, black jenas and green high heels
Brown blazer with white t-shirt, blue skinny jeans and brown shoes

image source

Business Casual Footwear

Some footwear you can put on with your spring business casual outfit are flat shoes, heels, loafers, sneakers, boot, slip-ons or formal clogs. Sneakers and heels would be best with jeans, whereas mules’ flats or peep-toed shoes in reasonable height are simply gorgeous for wide pants and midi skirts.

White t-shirt with white large pants and flat shoes
Gray jacket with white large pants and white flat shoes
Pink outer with white t-shirt, black large pants and flat shoes

image source

Red t-shirt with red large pants and black flat shoes
Flowers pattern in the black blazer with black T-shirt, pink large pants and black shoes

image source

Keep in mind that spring business casual outfit also refers to fresh, spotless, wrinkle-less, not too-skin-tight, not too-loose-fitting as well as not too-exposing. Check your look before leaving the house.

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