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15 Gorgeous Chunky Necklace Ideas for Your Pretty Look

From all of the necklace styles that we have nowadays, the one that offer uniqueness will be the chunky necklace. With its several different designs, you can have so many choices of it. This kind of necklace will be really flexible since it can be used for any occasion and look from the formal to informal event, and from the casual to the chic. It is amazing how this bracelet can cover all styles with its designs.

As the unique design necklace, this chunky style also known as Bohemian necklace. It is really reasonable if looked from the designs where it uses lot of colors and shaped in unique pattern and textures just like what Bohemian style have. If you are the one who love Bohemian style, then to have the collection of this chunky necklace is quite worthy to top off your look.

Silver necklace that has a beautiful motif
Light blue necklace accessories and added a small decoration
Gold necklace plus a small hanger
Beautiful gold pendant necklace
Simple white necklace with coin decoration
Necklace accessories with a beautiful beach theme
A dark silver necklace that looks cool
White necklace shaped like a pearl
A necklace that has a boho theme
Necklace added with gold coin decoration
Simple brown color necklace
Silver necklace with a beautiful hanger
Silver necklace accessory with elephant head-shaped hanger
Silver necklaces have unique motifs
Beautiful silver necklace

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Since there are so many choices of the chunky bracelet designs, you can pick the one with the affordable one based on your budget. You can have the cheap one or the expensive one with the real jewelry and expensive chain. Anyway, you don’t need to be worried if you don’t have enough budget to go to the fancy event because you can still wear the cheap one with the good and proper designs.

For your references, our chunky necklace collections above are enough for you to get the ideas of some necklace application. You can learn on the pictures and use your imagination on how you should match your outfit and your necklace to create a really good harmony of your look. Anyway, for this necklace you can purchase it at stores or you can even make the DIY of it that also become the interesting part of this necklace.

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