30 Ripped Denim Short Outfit ideas with T-Shirt You Should Wear Now

We couldn’t be happier in this season because it’s the time for denim short. You can go with denim short if you want to look casual and go comfortable. One piece that everyone knows match best with denim short is T-shirt. Though these two are best match, sometimes you could go too casual or look sloppy.

In fact, you still can have a style that’s real and also effortless at the same time. All you need to do and pay attention to is choosing the right combination, and sometimes add some accessories. To give you inspiration, here we’ve rounded up several denim short and T-shirt outfit ideas. Check all these ideas that you should wear now.

Black Long Sleeves T-Shirt and White Sneakers
Gray Tight T-Shirt and Black Sleeveless Cardigan
White High-Neck T-Shirt and White Sneakers
Loose V-Neck White Tee and Unbuttoned Shirt
Relaxed Tee and Navy Cardigan
Stripes Long Sleeves Shirt and Flat Shoes
White Long Sleeves T-Shirt and Bright Blue Shoes
White Sleeveless Tee and Sleeveless Long Cardigan
White Relaxed Tank and High Heels
Slim Fit White Tee and Ankle Boots

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Grey Long Tee and White Sneakers

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Low Neck White Tee and Black Heels

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Relaxed Grey Tee and High Boots
Long Floral Printed Cardigan and White Tee
Tee with Creative Drawing and Long Coat
V-Neck Relaxed Tee and Leather Jacket
Black V-Neck Cropped Tee

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Branded Slim Fit White Tee

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One-Shoulder Ripped Tee
Black Low-Neck Tee and Large Belt
White Tee and Black Long Cardigan
Black T-Shirt and Sunglasses
White T-Shirt and Blazer
Gray Relaxed Tee and Floral Blazer
Horizontal Stripes Tee and Flat Shoes
Relaxed T-Shirt and Black Blazer
Bright-Colored Sleeveless T-Shirt
Mid-Length Sleeves T-Shirt and Beanie Hat
Mosaic Patterned Sleeveless Tee

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