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14 Leprechaun-Inspired Fun Outfit for St Patrick’s Day

Want to be different during this St. Patrick’s Day celebration? What about a fun outfit for St Patrick’s Day in leprechaun ideas for adult men and women? This classic Irish fairy theme is going to be an eye-catching costume for any social event. It’s guaranteed that all eyes will set on you once you enter the room.

Leprechaun Outfit for Men

Common leprechaun-inspired costumes will be a shirt in white covered with green shamrock waistcoat over green trousers, complete with stockings and a pair of dark boots. As accessories are, of course, a green top hat adorned with a golden buckle, leprechaun beard, green bow tie, and cushioned stomach.

Also, there are more attractive choices:

Green blazer with white green hat, shirt, green pants and black shoes
St Patrick outfit with a dominant green color and hat accessories
Long green blazer with white bow tie, green pants and black shoes
Light green vest with light green hat, green pants and cute black shoes
Green outfit for the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day
Simple green outfit to enliven st Patrick’s day

image source

St Patrick’s outfit are dominated by green and added with black and white striped socks

image source

  • Disposable. Perfect for parades, you can make the complete leprechaun costume and accessories in less costly materials that can be thrown away after finished.
Green shirt with green hat for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations

image source

  • Oversized look. Everything is big. Instead of a vest, go for a large-size green jacket embellished with glazed gilded buttons, huge shoes with giant brass buckle, plus red-white stripy leggings. And don’t forget the big hat and face
The big green dress worn by the priest for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration

image source

  • Tuxedo-style. For a more formal and elegant look, emerald-green knee-length coat in tuxedo style covering your green waistcoat and white shirt plus a bow tie over a green knee-length pants
A long green blazer with a white shirt, bow tie, green pants that look cool.

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Leprechaun Outfit for Women

This leprechaun fun outfit for St Patrick’s Day, which is originally for men, needs to be modified for girls and ladies. Cute or sexy, you will still have the signature white shirt, green short or mini dress and black belt over stockings, green vest covered by dark green coat or blazer, green bow tie, as well as large top hat ornamented with a big buckle.

Instead of a top hat, you can change it into a cute headband or large hair clips. Green wigs or hair extension are also welcomed here. As for footwear, you can go for glittered heels, boots, or flats. Compliment your look with other accessories that have shamrock accents, for example, jewelry or handbag.

Green blazer with a cute little hat and then coupled with green shorts and black shoes that look beautiful

image source

A sparkling green outfit with a white t-shirt, lively hat and a cute yellow miniskirt

image source

long green blazer combined with a small green hat, miniskirt and black shoes.
Short green dress with cute green hat and black high heels

image source

Whatever the occasion is, you may choose your leprechaun style as your fun outfit for St Patrick’s Day.  

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