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8 Ways to Wear Outfit ideas For Vacation That You Will Love

Having a comfortable and fashionable look is something most of the girls want. To make this nice, there are several ways you can do it. Specifically to make you have perfect outfit when you enjoy your vacation. Such as: wearing a floppy hat and sunglasses, beautiful outer and so on. Let’s check the ideas below that you will love soon.

1. Casual Outfit with A Floppy Hat and Sunglasses

A white shirt and cream shorts are nice to combine with sunglasses and floppy hat. Enjoying a vacation activity outside, of course, will make you exposed to sunlight. Therefore, you will need a hat and sunglasses. Besides, these are great for your vacation outfit style.


2. Navy Wrap Dress with Floppy Hat and Boots

A comfy wrap dress combined with boots will allow you to move freely. This outfit idea is not only comfortable, but also fashionable. It is perfect as your stylish vacation outfit. Then, wear a floppy hat to protect your head from the sunlight. Nice, huh?


3. Mini Dress with A Long Outer and Flat Shoes

In wearing an outfit, comfort is the most important thing to consider. The second thing is a stylish look. Well, this time the outfit idea you will get both at them at the same time. Just combine neutral dress with a more lively outer color. Then, wear comfortable flat shoes so that look simple and stylish as well.


4. Leopard Top with Pencil Jeans and Belt

The right color combination useful to make you look have a matching outfit. For black pencil jeans look so nice with a leopard top. I mean, the black color looks matched with the top and the belt. Because of the addition of the belt, your vacation outfit become more stylish.


5. Horizontal Stripe Dress with White Sneaker

If you are confused to have a stylish look, but is quite complicated. I think, a simple outfit is recommended for you. A stripe dress with white sneakers will be very comfortable to wear on your vacation. It is simple and also stylish.


6. Outfit with Jeans Skirt

Especially for the girly look outfit, wearing a skirt will be the right choice. This can be combined with any top you want. The addition of sunglasses, ankle tied and red handbag will make you look so beautiful. Wanna try this idea soon?


7. Off -Shoulder Top with Ripped Jeans and Sunglasses


Stay stylish with your off-shoulder top and ripped jeans. You can combine it with black Vans sneakers and sunglasses. To make you look more beautiful, you can style your hair with tower hairstyle. This outfit will look girly and casual as well. I think, you will love it!


8. Moss Green Jacket with Inner and High Waist Jeans

Moss green jacket with black brocade inner is very nice to combine with high waist jeans. This is great to help you free in doing activities outside while on vacation. Sneaker shoes will also keep you comfortable. In addition, glasses will be very useful to make your eyes beautiful and protected.


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