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22 Most Beautiful Winter Outfit Ideas with Boots

Boots can be said as the must have item for your winter outfit. In case the temperature in winter will freeze you out so that having it can be the best choice. It is because the boots is the footwear that can provide the warm feeling. That is why it is the most proper footwear that you can choose during winter. Anyway, there are some different kinds of boot that you can choose. But here, we will show you three kinds of boot which are the most recommended boots along the winter season.

Over the Knee Boots

Over the knee boots will be the best choice if you prefer to wear the shorts during the winter cold temperature. It is because the boots can protect your leg to keep it warm. Moreover, you can also apply this boot if you wear the thick and tight trousers. Well, basically the application of the over the knee boots in shorts will be better if you combine it with the legging. However, if you can still hold the temperature then it will be ok! not to wear the legging.

Black suede over the knee boots with thick tight jeans combined with green turtleneck sweater.
Green sweater dress looks warm enough with the turtleneck style. Then, to keep your leg warm, combine it with brown over the knee boots.
You can also combine your black over the knee boots with your grey sweater which is really match in colors.
Black will always match with red. Here the red wool sweater looks even more harmonious with the red headwear and sling bag.

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Both materials used for the boots and skirt are the suede that will look really match. Then, to add the warmth you can wear the grey sweater for the top wear.
This outfit use the red color scheme where from top to toe use the red shade. In case the bottom wear is in short skirt, then the over the knee boots will be the best choice to wear.
This one is the grey over the knee boots that combined with legging and other neutral colors for the top wear part.
Since black is the color which is really flexible to be combined with any other color, then it will match too with the brown coat and soft pink beanie hat.

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Knee Boots

The application of the knee boots will be quite the same with the over the knee. Here, the difference will be on the additional socks that the knee boots could have. The length of the boots makes it possible for you to wear the socks. Here, you can also wear the boots by combining it with the shorts. Moreover, legging and the tight trousers can also match with this boots. Here are the examples of the boots application references.

This sweater dress looks really warm especially when combined with the leather jacket and shawl. Then, the high boots will complete the look.
To add the warm feeling, the knee boots paired with the black long socks. Then, this shorts outfit ideas can be proper to wear in winter.

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The knee boots with heels here looks harmonious combined with white short dress. To add the warmth you can wear the leather jacket and shawl.
This knee boots has the wide cut for the top part of the boots. Wear legging to make sure that your leg warm. Then for the top wear you can wear common sleeve tees with long sleeve inner.
You can even combine your brown knee boots with jeans for the casual look. Wear sweater and shawl to keep your body warm.
In case you think that the jeans and knee boots are not warm enough, you can add socks to give you a really warm feeling.
The ripped jeans will also possible to wear in winter. Combine it with the knee boots and long baggy cardigan.

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Ankle Boots

Sometimes there are people who don’t like to wear the high boots. It is commonly for those who love simplicity. But here, the thing that you should note is that you have to wear the outfit that can cover your body well. Or, you should concern on the temperature at the moment. Those things are functioned to make sure that you won’t get cold durung the season.

This wedge ankle boots has the zipper which is quite interesting. You can combine it with sweater and puffer vest.
This ankle boots is quite unique with the tear style on the front part of the boots. You can combine this boots with the ripped jeans as it will be really match.
Brown can also match well with green color. Just like this outfit that has a really good color combination.

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You can even have the ankle boots in ponted toe style. With the leather material, you can make a really classy look.
The strap on the heel boots give the boots another pretty touch. Especially when you combine it with the wool coat that has the stripes pattern.
This patterned ankle boots can be a good match for your black ripped jeans. Here, you can apply this style for your street style outfit.
Grey suede ankle boots looks match with the grey top botton outfit. The ripped jeans even make your look seems to be cool.

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After you looked at our references above, then you’ve found out on so many different boots application for winter. Here, since the boots choice won’t only about the weather but the taste also then just choose based on your fav one. In case you choose to have the ankle then just support it with the proper clothing.

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