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21 Best Adventurous Tattoo Design Ideas for Travel Addicts

Nowadays, travelling becomes an addict. Even more it is such a culture where everybody should do this. Here, you won’t only get the fresh mind but also to find yourself with the adventure. Related to that, to really express your passion in travelling, it is great to have the tattoo of that. The tattoo that can give you the spirit of adventure and dispense it to the others.

Foot and Leg Tattoo

The first spot of your body that can be applied with the tattoo will be the leg or your feet. What interesting here is that those spots are really connected with the adventure. It is because you use your feet to walk through your adventure. Here are some part of your leg and feet that can be applied with the tattoos.

This tattoo with the combination of picture and words could be really awesome. Especially with the statement that really represent the adventure vibe.
The map picture is also really worthy to be the adventure tattoo theme. Especially to apply it on your feet that can really give you the travelling vibe.
This plane paper image tattoo is really cute. It is really worthy to be applied for women.
Simply the word ‘wanderlust’ is enough for your adventure theme tattoo.
This one is another ‘wanderlust’ word tattoo but in different font. Moreover, it also has the addition line to create such a unique look.

image source

This ‘adventure’ word can also really worthy which is clear to give the adventure impression tattoo. Then, the spot of the tattoo is also perfect that can exposed whether you wear the flip flop or shoes.

image source

Hand Tattoo

As the body part that you use to facilitate yourself, then hand will be the other great spot. You can apply the tattoo in some different part of your hand. Here, you can manage to choose the design with pictures or simply a word. It will be based on your personal taste whether you like simple or the festive one.

The quote of the tattoo looks really harmonious with the image. Here, the tree is really presented to support the quote.
This one is a really simple word but has a really strong meaning. Wihout explaining anything, people will know that the adventure is in your blood.
Dream catcher will never fail you to represent your dream. Then, the ‘wanderlust’ word seems to be the dream that you are going to catch.
This tattoo statement shows that you are the kind of person who always starving for the journey.
Without any doubt, the compass shows the meaning of journey. It is because compass it the tool for any traveler to find the way.
The map image as the tattoo with the word adventure will be the perfect pair forbyour adventurous tattoo.
This one will be the complete tattoo images for the traveler. But here, it might will only match for those who love the festive design.
Even your finger can also become the spot where you apply the tattoo. Look at how cool the plane tattoo into this ring finger.

image source

Body Part Tattoo

Here, the tattoo might won’t be exposed as easy as when you have it in your hand. Anyway, you can still have it since to have the tattoo in your body part will really felt in your soul. In otherwise, you can still have your tattoo exposed when the weather allows you to wear the outfit that can expose the tattoo.

Wanderlust tattoo with birds around give the impression of freedom that comes from the birds.
Your back part can be the best choice for your huge tattoo. Here, the map image and the ‘wanderlust’ slogan are really match each other.
This one is more massive and bigger map tattoo. You can have it if you really in love with the adventure.
The words tattoo on the left side and plane image on the right can be a really harmonious collaboration.
The simple yet cute paper plane can be the best choice if you love simplicity. Add it with smoke illusion on the back part of the plane.
Air balloon can also used to represent the freedom in having your own journey. That is why this one is also recommended for you.
The back part of your nect is one of the best part to be apply with the tattoo. Simply apply the ‘wanderlust’ word and you’ll get the adventure atmosphere.

image source

Basically there are so many kinds of tattoo that you can choose to have. Here, you can have it in words tattoo, picture, or the combination between the word and picture. For the words, you can use the words that can represent the adventure things. Here, the most common word is ‘wanderlust’. In hence, for the picture tattoo you can have it in plane, boat, or even the air balloon.

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